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“Island Girl”

King Cosmos - More Fire

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The award winning KING COSMOS a.k.a. HENRY GOMEZ was born and grew up in Princes Town, Trinidad. He comes from a musical family that includes the famed bandleader, Johnny Gomez and Gomez of parang fame in Lopinot. He lives and records in Toronto, Canada where he continues to hone his writing and performing skills and helps to keep the calypso culture vibrant. Some of the venues he has performed at include: Harbourfront, The Bamboo Club, Lula Lounge, Fortress North, The Caribana Arts and Cultural Festival (Olympic Island), The Queen Elizabeth Theatre (CNE) and the North York Centre For The Performing Arts. King Cosmos has also appeared on the Mike Bullard Show. His calypso credits include:

 Sunshine Award Nominee - 1998
Canadian Reggae Music Award winner - 1998
Former Canadian Calypso Monarch - 1995
Founding member and first Chair of  OCPA (Organization of Calypso Performing Artistes) - 1981
Chalmers Award recipient - 1980

 He has been singing calypso for over twenty years. He is also an indie recording artiste who records on the DAGGA label and his discography includes:

More Fire - 2005
Fire - 2000
Dis One Hot - 1997
Half Breed - 1993
Culture Shock - 1990

King Cosmos is truly a versatile entertainer. In Canada, he was trained as an actor at Ryerson and York Universities and has worked extensively from Quebec to Alberta. He holds a B. A. and B. Ed. from the University of Toronto and an M.F.A. from York University. He is currently an educator who began singing calypso after an active acting career on stage, screen and radio. King Cosmos got a taste for radio at CFRB 1010 AM, where he was guest host of an urban segment. He is now part of the vibrant crew at CIUT 89.5 FM on “Island Breeze” which is heard every Friday 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. He does a breezy commentary on a segment called “The King’s Corner”. He has sung at many venues in Canada, has emceed and performed at the world famous Afro Fest and been a past Chair of Caribana. He is a member of Afropan steelband, “The People’s Band”, and represented Canada at the 2005 Chinese New Year Festival in Hong Kong. He was also part of a contingent that went to New York’s Madison Square Garden to represent Canada at the World Steelband Music Festival.

 King Cosmos feels strongly about reparations for the brutal enslavement of people of African ancestry. As a calypsonian he is determined to keep this issue alive through entertainment activism.


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